How to Secure Cargo Shipping Container - Tips and Tricks

How to Secure Cargo Shipping Container - Tips and Tricks

Everybody needs a little more space, whether it's to make room in their home or to convey a large quantity of their goods to another location. Perhaps you require a place to store your tools when working on a building site. For those who are fortunate enough to have storage solutions and warehousing facilities to help them with all their extra bits and pieces, we have some great storage cargo shipping container security solutions—ensuring that only you have safe access to your possessions.

If you now own a storage container or intend to rent, buy, or both, you should take precautions to keep your stored items safe and secure. Even though steel shipping containers are exceptionally safe, weatherproof, and long-lasting, theft, vandalism, and break-ins are always a possibility. It's always better to be safe than sorry! You may relax knowing that there are trustworthy techniques to protect your storage container and avoid these problems. To safeguard the safety of your stored things, we strongly advise considering these security suggestions for your storage container.

Use Heavy Duty Locks

It's crucial to secure your container using heavy-duty locks. Unfortunately, there are ways to break into your container without a strong lock while it is unattended. Make sure the lock you choose is robust, made of steel, and challenging to pick. Additionally, check that the lock is weatherproof because you don't want it to deteriorate in inclement weather.

Some possibilities for locking storage containers are as follows:

  • Padlocks

  • Lock Boxes

  • Inner Bolt Locks

  • Cross Bar Locks

Alarm System

In addition to having locks on your container, installing an alarm system is a smart move. Before the break-in occurs, an alarm system can inform you that someone is attempting to enter your storage container. A conspicuous alarm system can also discourage a burglar from breaking in.

If your storage unit is on your property, it's simple to set up alarm systems that use motion sensors to look for criminal activity. Use a GSM alarm, which is made for storage containers and enables remote monitoring if your storage container is situated in a more remote area.

Video Surveillance

Include security cameras and video surveillance if your storage container is on your property. Visible security cameras, much like alarms, can serve as excellent deterrents to criminals attempting to trespass on your property or break into your container.


The installation of fencing around the area where the shipping container is located may make sense if you don't want to spend money on more substantial security measures like specific locks or an alarm system. It will, at the very least, act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Consider it the opening line of defense.

There are many different kinds of fences available, and we advise choosing something with a gate or door that is locked and tall enough to be difficult to climb. Consider installing sturdy fencing that hides your shipping container as well.


Where is the location of your cargo container? Is it close to a major thoroughfare or in a busy neighborhood? Is it noticeable or perceptible from a distance? Does it have anything that would draw attention?

Aside from locks and alarms, planning where you want to put your container is the finest security protection you can take. However, if it's convenient for you, it can also be open to trespassers.

Think about positioning your cargo shipping container in an area that is as shaded and private as possible. Install security lighting to highlight the area close by in case someone has a bad notion and decides to enter. You increase your chances of deterring intruders by storing your shipping container in a location that is not readily visible or accessible.

Satellite Tracking

Together with top global satellite technology providers, Caspian Container has created satellite-based tracking for our containers, which are outfitted with sophisticated sensors. To pinpoint the precise location of your cargo shipping container, we affix the tracking device to it. Because of this, Caspian Container is the finest option for cargo and international transportation. Tracking includes geolocation, temperature, light, shock, humidity, etc.

Key Note

Knowing how to secure a cargo shipping container and its contents is simple and inexpensive, with proper preparation and execution. Make sure to buy and arrange for the security measures, such as locks, modifications, and accessories, that you will require for the optimum surroundings and locations for securing shipping containers and their contents. When in doubt, it's always a good idea to seek professional advice or use security services.

Security for cargo shipping containers is crucial, especially if you're keeping expensive products within your own. The Caspian containers staff is happy to assist you with whatever security measures you choose to implement to safeguard your shipping container. Please communicate with our team. If you're interested in finding out more or have any questions with which we can help.