Global Freight Shipping - Everything You Need To Know

Global Freight Shipping - Everything You Need To Know

As an offshore manufacturer, you expect your product to be visible globally. To have global visibility, you have to sell your product in the International Market, which is known as Global Freight Shipping.

With the subsequent impact of Covid 19, the disrupted supply chain has taught us to take this step seriously. Although global logistics work well, still the shipping rates can churn your profits, and it will make you short on inventory. It is important to know your options for Global shipments whether you use a freight company or have an internal team managing your supply chain.

What is Global Freight Shipping?

Global shipping includes importing and exporting goods between various countries through ocean, air, and roads. Global shipping is a complex process, as it includes many rules and regulations for moving freight over borders. Business owners must be aware of international policies and paperwork to import and export goods to have customs clearance.

Along with the laws and regulations, language barriers, time zones, and currency exchanges, all these factors make Global shipping complex.

Steps included in Global Shipping:

Export haulage

Service providers move products from the factory to the shipping mode (sea, rail, road, and air), where the products leave for the country of origin. This may include warehousing, product consolidation, or special packaging of the products according to the mode of transportation.

Export Customs

For exporting goods, each country has its own customs laws, restrictions, and duties. Business owners and shipping companies must comprehend everything. If you do not grasp these policies or do not manage export customs correctly, you may experience a shipping delay and incur unexpected costs.


Once you receive the custom clearance, your products are ready to ship by whatever transport you use. This may also include the combination of various modes.

Import Custom

On arrival, your shipments need to have customs clearance. This is a complicated process, and it’s important for you to have the right contact. This can make a difference in how fast or even fail to clear the custom.

Import Haulage

Last but most important is how your product moved from the warehouse to the distribution channel. A freight company helps you by providing the best shipment option to complete your product journey.

How do you ship globally?

It is hard to ship globally, especially for the ones who are shipping for the first time. Which is why many of us turn to shipping companies. Freight shipping companies are experts in shipping products between locations.

So if you decide to work with shipping companies or use your channel, there are certain key points that you must be aware of before shipping globally.

Get complete information

As it may seem simple, but it is important to consolidate all your shipping information and mention it in the form. Filling in the right information and providing the required paperwork, proves that you are a trusted shipper.

Customs Clearance

Custom clearance is a challenging process in global shipping. For this, you need a custom broker. These professionals help you in global freight movement. If you approach the right shipping company they will provide or recommend the right person. Check Caspian Containers for custom brokerage.

Tracking the shipment

After completing the most important process, it’s time for you to track your shipment and ensure that it reaches its destination. Real-time tracking is crucial for global shipment. Hence it is advisable to choose a reliable shipping company that offers seamless and timely updates.

When To Use Global Freight Shipping?

When you are manufacturing your product in a different country, in such case, it is good to use Global Freight shipping. You can also pass this process to your manufacturer.

Trusting a pivotal part of bringing your product into the global market is tough. You run at their mercy of time, cost, and breakage.

One important factor to consider is how friendly you are with Global Freight. If you are new to this, then working with a trusted and recognized logistic player is a good to start.

How can you reduce the shipping costs?

Global freight is a growing business. As the market grows, so will you get a chance to save extra costs on global freights. We have some suggestions which will help you to save your freight service costs.

Pay for the services and assurance.

How fast you can move your product, and that drives your cost. Within the chosen freight class, you can pay more to move your products faster. When you approach a freight forwarding company, look at the quotation, and notice the transit time, custom brokerage, and other shipping options that can impact your revenue.

You can save a huge amount as logistic companies use this flexibility to schedule cost-effectively shipments by loading a full container.

Volume and Weight Shippers are charged as per the volume and weight of the containers. They pay according to the per container, truckload, or train. To reduce the cost, you can fit more products in the containers.

Weight impacts the cost of every transport because it impacts fuel consumption. Hence it is advisable to decide on the packaging material of your products. Consider all these things during the designing phase of your product development.

Be apt with your paperwork

Getting stuck in the custom can prove to be expensive. This may involve time and additional costs if your paperwork is incorrect. Ensure that you have the right landing bill and the commercial invoice is clear.

Minimise damage and loss

Damaged and missing goods are often overlooked costs in Global freight shipping. Your product packaging should stand all the bumps and falls that they encounter during their shipping. It’s not uncommon for the products to trip during the forklift.

Get the right and multiple freight quotes.

The global freight shipping world is highly competitive. Small players offer few services, whereas giant multinational companies handle the entire process. To get the best freight rates, get quotes from multiple companies. Ask as many questions as you can.

From where to start the global freight shipping?

You need to understand that global freight shipping is your first step. You need to have complete and right documents and remember to fill in the right information.

The second step included who will manage the entire shipping process. Decide to choose the Global Freight Logistics Company, or you can handle this through your channel. Just remember that if you are shipping internationally for the first time, it is good to have a logistics company on board.

Regardless of your journey, here at Caspian Container Company, we have the expertise and the optimized process to get your products from the factory to your shelves. You can take advantage of our Logistic services, including the custom brokerage. Make sure that this essential phase in getting your product to market benefits your bottom line. Reach us today!

Think logically, ship globally!